Student Management

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No more searching for kindergarteners who have wandered out of sight! We use RFID bracelets and pay-as-you go RFID cards to track and Manage students in:
    •    The nursery/kindergarten areas
    •    The school buses
    •    The classrooms and Labs
    •    The corridors
    •    The cafeteria
    •    The sports fields
    •    The library
    •    The exam rooms

Our Unique Student Management System (SMS) enables you to have real time control over, as well as real time data on, student location, behavior and activity. The interactivity with the school LMS and ERP, plus the use of GPS systems with SMS notifications, means parents and teachers will always know the location of the children - all the time.

Student Management

  • Kindergarten Area: +

    As soon as the child wearing the RFID bracelet leaves the geo-fenced area, teachers will receive an alert. As soon as someone without an RFID bracelet enters the area, teachers will receive an alert. Through the parents portal, parents can track the exact location of their child throughout the day.
  • The School Bus: +

    The RFID card/bracelet links to the GPS system on the bus which links to the school. You will know who did and DID NOT get on the bus, how far away the bus is from the school, and if it is late…..
  • Going to Class: +

    The RFID machines at the main entrance to the school and the doors of every room scan the movements of students throughout the day, and that information is sent to the attendance database. If a student is absent from class, the teacher knows if that student is in school.
  • In Class: +

    In BYOD classes our device-controlling and peer-learning software ensures that teachers can lock student screens, group them into learning teams, save everything from the WB on each student’s device and teach the students individually or as a whole group. Parents can see everything their child was taught in every class, every day, and then look at their progress and their grade status in real time, throughout the year.
  • Skipping Class: +

    CCTV systems in the communal areas are motion activated and controlled by, and connected to, the main student management system. Any unusual activity is logged and alerts sent to the supervisors. RFID monitors set up in communal areas allow the school to monitor movement by individual name.
  • Going for Lunch: +

    The RFID card is also a pay card, it can be pre-loaded by the parent and restrictions on what a child can buy are also enabled. Parents who need to track what their child is eating can check on the parent’s portal.
  • The Library: +

    The same RFID card/bracelet is used to reserve, withdraw and return books. Linked to the Learning Management System, data is collected on which books are withdrawn and how often. Also students and teachers can rate books, write reviews and recommend books to others.
  • The Exam Rooms: +

    By RFID scanning students when they enter an exam room there is no room for dispute about what equals ‘late’. Grade analysis is more sophisticated because performance can be analyzed by the actual time of day or day of the week in which the exam was administered as well as usual constraints of exam difficulty etc.
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