About SchoolDigiStart

At SchoolDigiStart, our promise to our clients is that our contributions will add value that exceed the costs of our services.
This is one of the reasons we maintain a flexible team of consultants, freelance associates and vetted referral partners, ensuring we can immediately engage specifically skilled and expert resources in response to the urgent needs of our client schools.

Our senior consultant and CEO is Anne Brabazon, academic leader, teacher trainer, school effectiveness planner and holder of two U.K. teaching qualifications and two Masters Degrees.

A trained teacher and ex head teacher, Anne has over 30 years’ experience in schools and colleges in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, 19 of which were spent in the UAE. With 15 years’ experience in technology implementation in education, Anne works with client schools to enable them to improve by applying systems thinking, process analysis and benchmarking. But her added value for a school is her proven ability to analyse school structures and processes and identify innovative solutions that target academic goals - specifically which target KHDA and other accrediting body’s academic requirements which also ensure better inspection results.

Consultancy Services

  • School set up: +

    From Conception to Opening we guide the way all the way.
  • Academics: +

    Development of school mission, vision, goals and curriculum plans, sourcing teaching materials and aids, setting up assessment processes, ordering library stock and all other learning/teaching related consulting services.
  • Accreditation: +

    Initiating local and international accreditation procedures.
  • Policy Development: +

    Developing, recording and improving all school Business and Academic policy documents relating to; operations, HR, parent and community relations, student safety and behavior, internet and IT use, plagiarism, ethical conduct, communications and marketing.
  • HR Activities: +

    Recruitment of staff to start or continue operations, setting up of JDs and staff evaluation systems. In-country orientation for new hires.
  • IT and Ed Tech: +

    Identify best in market IT hardware and software for efficient and effective online delivery of teaching and school administration. Installation of fully integrated Student Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, School Management Systems and Safety and Surveillance Systems.
  • Marketing: +

    Advising on successful approaches to student recruitment and school marketing including recommendations for trusted and experienced school marketing companies.
  • Revenue Stream Monitoring: +

    Ongoing review of revenue stream models to account for changes in the local economic situation and IT/Ed Tech developments to ensure best value for school and additional USPs where possible.
  • Monitoring Build: +

    Assisting Architect & Contractors in design and supervision of new buildings.
  • Procurement: +

    Ensuring full internal fit out for school buildings and readiness for opening by sourcing, through trusted providers, furniture, equipment, vehicles, ICT hardware and software, kitchen equipment, cafeteria services, text books, library books, and uniforms.
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